Daniel Nickels, based in Raleigh, North Carolina is a genuine singer songwriter. A true vocal artist, the musical genres he can sing span the whole spectrum. His diverse musical projects include collaborations in rock, pop, rhythm and blues, folk, instrumental, alternative and americana. Nickels, a talented, expressive singer prides himself in his soulful songwriting. Fans enjoy how his songwriting is based on real life situations and experiences as he he skillfully and passionately intertwines with stirring melodies and storytelling.




Brian Geddes -

"His first solo single, "Our Love", has a purity and simple truthful vulnerability. Its simple accompaniment doesn't smother the lyrics or his voice. No element in the song competes or interferes with any other element."

Tom Lorhmann -

"Nickels sings the lyric "fall for you" using a descending melody line that is quite appropriate and fantastically intelligent." 

Danielle Mackenzi -

"This first single from Daniel Nickels' solo project is impressive with its raw emotion, smooth sound and layering of melodies. His feelings come right through the song and capture the listener in the first few seconds! I can't wait to hear more of the album!"