Our Love Release


I have some good news for you today! Over the last five months I have been working on a solo album in my home studio. This body of work I am persuing seems to be very natural, soulful and near and dear to my heart. The album still has a long way to go and possibly another song to write and add to the tack list. I will say its coming along great! Over the next month or two I will be heavily promoting a new song off the new album called "Our Love." This will be available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify etc....I invite you to be apart of the adventure with me, so please help me spread the word, share and download!

Over these five months, I have been working with three amazing and talented people who have been helping me make this vision a reality. 

Tom Miller (producer) with mixing and mastering. 

Craig Tanner with photography and album art.

Anna Osgoodby with web design/social media consulting and logo work. I am so very thankful to have these amazing artistic people on my team and without them non of this would be possible.

Thanks everyone for you patience and support and be on the lookout for some new music coming your way.

Daniel Nickels